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Military Resources for Parents, Educators and Students

Everyday young men and women make the honorable choice to serve their country by joining the military. Military service provides a wealth of opportunities beyond defending our country and protecting freedom. Service men and women have an opportunity to travel the world while learning valuable career skills, not to mention experiencing personal growth and development no other job can offer. These skills and experiences make service veterans a top commodity in terms of future civilian employment.

The financial rewards of service can be a strong motivating factor in terms of both monthly compensation and extensive benefits. One primary financial benefit is the GI Bill, which covers college tuition expenses as well as providing stipends for housing and books to eligible enlisted personnel. Additionally, the military offers sign on and promotion-based bonus programs. Military personnel who wish to save additional funds for college or to start a nest egg find the bonus program very appealing.

Service in the armed forces however, is not without its drawbacks. Before making a rash decision, these drawbacks warrant careful consideration. The life of a soldier is both physically and emotionally demanding. Grueling physical demands begin almost immediately with boot camp training. Ongoing physical conditioning and separation from friends and family are an everyday fact of life soldiers must endure. The rigid structure of military life takes adjustment and commitment. That commitment carries over into potentially dangerous assignments. While most service men and women never see combat conditions, the potential for dangerous deployments is a reality that bears serious consideration.

Joining the military is not a decision to be made lightly nor impulsively. Many opportunities exist while allow military personnel to take their experiences and training back to their civilian life with exponential benefits. Companies seek out military veterans for their leadership capabilities as well as their extensive knowledge and training. However, these benefits do not come without sacrifice. To help in the decision making process, many government agencies, military offices, and support organizations offer a wealth of information online for students, teachers, and parents concerning military enlistment.

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