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A Complete Guide to Military History Resources

A Complete Guide to Military History Resources

Many nations and territories achieve independence through successful military campaigns. Military events contribute significantly to the evolution of human civilization as well as the current geo-political climate of today. Learning about wars, treaties, international relations, and other factors that shape the history and culture of nations is an important part of a well-rounded education. Here are a number of websites that provide valuable information for students and professors of military history.

  1. US Military History: Documents that provide information about the history of the US Department of Defense.
  2. Revolutionary War: Provides information on the first major war in the United States.
  3. Pictures of the Revolutionary War: An archive of pictures with links to more information.
  4. Revolutionary War Guide: A place to learn about the Revolutionary War.
  5. The Mexican-American War: Rundown of important events of this war.
  6. The American Civil War: Homepage dedicated to the bloodiest war in American history.
  7. American Civil War Collection: Resource center containing letters, texts, student projects, and more.
  8. Civil War Timeline: A timeline of important events related to the Civil War.
  9. The Spanish-American War: Homepage with links to chronology, literary responses, and other resources.
  10. War of Resistance: An overview of the U.S.-Philippine War from 1899 to 1902.
  11. The Banana War: Provides details on the war on the trade of fruits in the Caribbean and Central America.
  12. World War I: Outlines America?s involvement in World War I.
  13. Documents of World War I: An archive of documents related to World War I.
  14. U.S.-Soviet Cooperation: Discusses how America and the Soviet Union combined to fight a common foe in World War II.
  15. World War II Documents: An archive of World War II documents compiled by the Lillian Goldman Law Library of Yale Law School.
  16. Historic World War II Documents: Collection of important documents related to the war.
  17. The Cold War: Provides timeline of this Soviet-American war with other pertinent information.
  18. The Korean War: An overview of the war with images and other information.
  19. Korean Enigma: Describes the events of the Korean War.
  20. The Vietnam War: Resource center with articles, books, images, maps, videos, and more.
  21. About the Vietnam War: Provides information on many aspects of this war including post war impact, anti-war movement, photo essay, causes, and others.
  22. The Vietnam Center and Archive: Comprehensive website that maintains an archive of materials related to the Vietnam War.
  23. Operation Desert Storm: Provides information and documents in the liberation of Kuwait.
  24. The War on Terrorism: Resource center for the war in Afghanistan to hunt down the culprits responsible for the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.
  25. Operation Iraqi Freedom: Website dedicated to the war to free Iraq from the dictator Saddam Hussein.

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