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Military Careers

The Department of Defense currently employs approximately 1.5 million people with over 300,000 deployed overseas. Having 6000 military bases and warehouses inside the USA, positions can be found all over the country. The US Military is broken down into five areas: Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard. During times of peace the Coast Guard reports to the Department of Homeland Security. Reserves and National Guard units work on a part-time basis.

Jobs in the military are very similar to ones performed by civilians. Military personnel learn trades, do college degrees, and have access to constant training on-the-job. The military works like a small city; requiring builders, chefs, hairdressers, engineers, administrators, managers, and a vast selection of other occupations. The positions are varied enough to suit any career choice.

Military training easily crosses over to the private sector and ex-military job candidates usually have a better chance at work placement because of this. Not only are these candidates highly trained, but highly regarded -- and well disciplined. They are team players and make excellent leaders. All of these attributes are essential for a successful career both inside and outside of the military.

Listed is further information on career choices in the military. We?ll cover basic introductions into the process of employment and the types of positions available in all areas of the Department of Defense.

Military Career Information

Before entering into a military career a few preparations must be made. Aptitude testing, health examinations, educational requirements, boot camp, and citizenship status checks all form part of the process. Deciding whether to enlist or enrol as an officer is also a decision that needs to be made; as is the decision to combine college education with military training. Enlisted personnel have a lower education requirement (GED). Officers require a bachelors degree. Choosing which branch to enter into is another consideration.

Service Academies

Merchant Marine Academies

Senior Military Colleges

Career Categories

Both officers and enlisted servicemen have a wide choice of career paths. Here are the areas in which both can be employed with some examples of possible positions.

Additional Career Information

Military Real Estate

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